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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Map of Hario Village

Map of Hario Village. Hario has a small NEX that has a small garden center, Barber/Beauty Shop and video rentals. There is a small movie theatre located next to a small food court, which is right near the post office and NEX.Above the NEX is a small bar in the evenings and a small teen center during the day. Right across the parking lot from these buildings is the gym and pool. There is also the larger of the two Commissaries in Hario. I forgot to mention that both housing areas have schools. Main base has an elementary-middle school and Hario has an elementary school. Hario Village is where the bulk of housing units are located.

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  1. Oh I didn't notice until just now that one of the towers is not pictured on this map. There are five towers in Hario Village, two are two bedroom units and three are three bedroom units. There isn't any separation of officer and enlisted housing.